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February 7, 2009

Blog News

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Update: I quit Mohd’s blog for many reasons. Everyday, he swears, breaks rules on my chat, and causes tons of trouble. He’s always talking behind my back and not taking granted for all the things I’ve done for him. Everything he said on his site is a lie. I did not ban his penguins. He was banned for hacking and attempting to obtain personal information on his first penguin, Mohd222. All of his other penguins were banned for swearing. Mohd is always inappropriate and this is my last stand. The only reason we basically split up from each other is because he coudn’t keep his Friday promises. I was supposed to post one Friday, him the next. He posted yesterday and it was supposed to be me since he posted the Friday before. When I came on, he swore at me and then kicked me off the blog and when I got home I was an admin again. I decided to leave him because of that and here I am now working on the new site. Before you comment hatred, think about what I said.

Hi Penguins! My blog is being moved – as said on Pretty soon, everything will be back to normal:

– My posts, pages, etc will be returning


– Domain

Be patient! And hope for the best. I promise it will be back to normal by tomorrow!


Blog at